UltraMannan is a high quality source of beta glucans and complex mannans from primary food grade grown yeast. Research has shown that the inclusion of complex mannans in piglet, sow and poultry diets improves gut health by preventing colonization of harmful microorganisms. Laboratory analyses indicate that UltraMannan contains 20% more complex mannans than the major competitor’s product. Research also indicates that UltraMannan out-performs the leading competitor’s product.

UltraMannan Q&A:

What are the benefits of feeding UltraMannan 120? UltraMannan 120 contains complex mannans. Research trials have demonstrated improved performance in various animal species when complex mannans were included in their diets. Research has shown that dietary beta glucans can improve immune response in young animals. UltraMannan 120 contains high levels of beta glucans.

What differentiates UltraMannan 120 from the leading competitor's product? According to a laboratory analysis conducted by Dr. George Fahey at the University of Illinois, UltraMannan 120 contains 20% more complex mannans than the competitor's product. Laboratory analyses have shown that UltraMannan 120 contains over 80% more beta glucans than the competitor's product.

How does UltraMannan perform in animal diets relative to the major competitor's mannan product? Research by Dr. Hans Stein of the University of Illinois demonstrated that piglets fed UltraMannan 120 exhibited significantly higher average daily gain than pigs fed the competitor product. The piglets fed UltraMannan had improved average daily feed intake relative to the piglets fed the competitor product.

What is the inclusion rate for UltraMannan 120? Include in the diet at 0.1% to 0.3% of the complete diet. Include in swine, ruminant, poultry and pet diets.


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