DPS is the world´s leading animal-based peptide for inclusion in young animal diets as a functional, high-quality source of amino acids. It is the co-product of enzymatic hydrolysis of porcine intestinal mucosa for the production of heparin in the human pharmaceutical industry. After hydrolysis and heparin extraction, the liquid protein is concentrated and gently dried.


What is a functional peptide? A functional peptide is a protein ingredient that provides a specific value added benefit beyond supplying digestible amino acids to the diet.
Research has shown that besides being a high-quality peptide source, DPS stimulates gut development in young pigs. In a trial comparing DPS to fishmeal and plasma, piglets fed DPS had equal villus height: crypt depth measurements as pigs fed plasma and significantly better than piglets fed high-quality fishmeal.

Why are peptides important in young animal nutrition? The digestive system in the young animal is immature. Research has shown that peptides are more readily digested and absorbed than free amino acids or intact proteins. For more information, review DPS Technical Bulletin 21.

Has Nutra-Flo conducted research trials to evaluate DPS? Yes. Over 40 university and field trials have demonstrated the efficacy of DPS relative to other protein ingredients. Studies have shown that weanling pigs fed DPS outperform pigs fed fish meal or spray-dried blood cells, in terms of average daily gain and feed efficiency. DPS also replaces plasma in phase 2 piglet diets while maintaining performance and reducing cost of weight gain.

How do you use DPS in a piglet diet? Include in the diet of weanling pigs at 3-4% at the expense of fishmeal, spray-dried blood cells or plasma or include in addition to these ingredients at the expense of soybean meal.

Are there other applications for DPS? DPS has been used in lactating sow diets, poultry diets, aquaculture, and canine diets. For more information about using DPS in your animal diets or for help formulating a custom diet including DPS, please contact us.



DPS 50RD Specifications

Technical Bulletins:
Please contact us to view our DPS technical bulletins here.


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